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TitoloCurtis Bill Pepper. Happines. Fragments of Happiness in the Lives of the Famous and Others Among Us 
DescrizioneCurtis Bill Pepper first came to Italy during World War II as an officer in US military intelligence organizing “escape and evasion” networks behind enemy lines. It was the start of a lifelong love affair. First as a freelance reporter, then after 1956 as Newsweek’s Rome bureau chief, he produced cover stories on Italy’s political leaders, film stars and directors, on the death and election of three popes and the theological drama of the Second Vatican Council, together with reportage from Jordan, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Spain and Yugoslavia. Pepper was as fascinated by Roman street life and the convoluted village dramas of his beloved Umbria, as he was by Vatican intrigue down the centuries or by the enigmatic brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci, with whose life and times he had a 50-year intellectual engagement culminating in a penetrating biographical novel, Leonardo (2012). Pepper wrote vividly about the legends of his lifetime, from Mother Teresa to Marcello Mastroianni, but he was equally drawn, with sympathy and humor, to the extraordinary in everyday lives. His previous books are testament to his eclectic interests and experiences: medicine, anatomy and biology, interspersed with Italian politics and an abiding fascination with Italy’s cultural identity. In The Pope’s Backyard (1966) he wrote about Catholic history, theology, and papal life in the Vatican City – little changed down the ages. He chronicled, in the best-selling An Artist & The Pope (1968), the extraordinary friendship between the Marxist sculptor Giacomo Manzù and Pope John XXIII. One Life: Christiaan Barnard (1969), profiled the surgeon who conducted the first human-to-human heart transplant, while We The Victors (1984) studied the care and treatment of 100 cancer survivors by surgeons, clinicians, nurses and social workers. Happiness is a deeply personal portrait of an age, a testament to the sanctity of human life, and a paean to the humanizing power of friendship. Pepper died on April 2014, aged 96, at his home overlooking the gemlike medieval city of Todi, where he lived for the last 35 years of his life with his wife, the sculptor Beverly Pepper. 
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